Every ocarina has its own personality–its own facial expression, its own timbre, its own temperament. If you’d like to hear an ocarina “live” before purchasing it, please contact me. To be on the safe side during this pandemic, if you purchase an ocarina, I will dip its mouthpiece in 90% isopropyl alcohol before packing/shipping.

Most of my ocarinas are wheel-thrown and altered. The smaller the ocarina, the higher the pitch. If you’re interested in an ocarina mainly to make noise, I recommend the “two-note warbler” chickarinas and the two-hole alpacarinas. If you’re interested in an ocarina to produce recognizable melodies, I recommend the 4-hole chickarinas, which usually have a minor 7th range. None of these are concert instruments (yet!), but they entertain me, and I hope they’ll entertain you.

Fingering charts are available here.

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