Cadogan Teapot


Pear-shaped Cadogan teapot. 6″ high x 8.5″ long x 5.25″ wide.

Cadogan teapots, sometimes also called “puzzle pots,” are lidless teapots that are basically large salt rocks with an added spout. Modeled after Chinese wine pots, Cadogan teapots became popular in Britain in the late 1700s. The teapots are filled through a funnel underneath that extends almost to the top of the interior. As liquid enters, air exits through the spout. When the teapot is flipped upright, the liquid sits in the well created by the funnel. When liquid is poured out the spout, air enters through the funnel, yielding a remarkably smooth pour. However, such teapots are more novelty pots than functional, as a funnel’s worth of water is guaranteed to spill out of the bottom when the pot is flipped upright–not very practical for everyday use!

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