Heron G


Wheel-thrown and altered heron. 11.5″ high without legs. This one was too tall to photograph even with bamboo legs, so it’s legless in the photos…

Comes with 1.5-ft threaded stainless steel legs and metal hardware feet (as modeled in last photos). Leg angles can be adjusted by changing angle of insertion into the ground; degree of ankle bends can be adjusted using pliers. Legs must be inserted into ground deeply enough to provide stability (~4-6 inches, depending on soil).

Price is reduced because one of the nichrome wire plume feathers imprinted a groove in the glaze that pooled beneath it.

After throwing a tall, slender closed form on the pottery wheel, I alter the shape by hand, curving the long upper portion into a neck and beak, and pinching the base into a tail and thighs. Nichrome wire plumes are inserted into the herons’ crests; these retain flexibility after firing, enabling longer, thinner, and more durable plume feathers than would be possible with clay alone. The herons are decorated with multiple layers of underglaze and glaze, then fired to 2,167 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln.